Cloud Compliance Challenges and Solutions for UK Businesses

The Cloud has completely changed how businesses operate in the UK. Being scalable, agile and so cost-efficient, Cloud adoption has surged across industries, and is today used in businesses both big and small. However, this shift in the way of doing business and storing data comes with a whole new set of considerations, particularly regarding […]

How Our ISO 27001:2013 Certification Makes Us Your Secure IT Partner

No business, and no IT company, can be too cautious these days. Data security breaches can have devastating consequences, and so it is important that businesses team up with an IT partner who prioritises information protection, as well as exceptional service delivery, above all else. We’re proud to announce that our company has recently achieved […]

Why You Need a VPN in Your Cybersecurity Toolkit

When many people hear about a VPN, perhaps from their favourite Youtuber (Pewdiepie for instance is famous for using and plugging NordVPN), they assume that the software is more for private, personal use. But businesses can and should be looking at incorporating a VPN into their IT setup, especially if they are frequently working online […]

How to Successfully Use Microsoft’s Copilot AI

It is the helpful tool that can be used to improve productivity, answer questions and even perform certain tasks, but if you are not fully comfortable with Microsoft Copilot you are more than likely not using it to its full potential. The premium version, which is available to Microsoft 365 users, has a few perks […]

How to Avoid a Business Calamity during a Network Disruption

Consistent and reliable communication is the lifeblood of just about all modern businesses. But these days, circumstances like network outages are disrupting this vital flow and this can potentially affect your business operations. Recently, widespread network outages in the USA have been grabbing headlines, and while the news can seem a bit unnerving, it is […]

Keep a look out for the new OneDrive Design

A reliable and easily accessible Cloud storage service, OneDrive is the go-to option for both personal and professional needs. Offering 5Gb of free storage space, and even more space for those who pay for a Microsoft 365 account, OneDrive is fairly well known and since it can be set up to sync as documents are […]

2024’s Biggest Business Telecommunications Trends

There are very few industries that have undergone as much change and seen as many developments as the telecommunications industry has. It is the section of the IT world that is often credited with being the gateway to other advances elsewhere in the tech industry, and in 2024, telecommunications is set to enjoy a number […]

Cybersecurity Trends To Look Out For As We Go Into 2024

As we head into the New Year, businesses as well as IT companies specialising in cybersecurity are facing a growing number of threats. Along with having to be aware of the latest in phishing, scamming and hacking, businesses also face limited budgets and outdated technology that is just not up to the task of protecting […]

Future-Proof your Business with these 2024 Business Continuity Trends

time, effort, passion and money into making your business a success. But all it takes is one crisis, whether it is a hacking event or just a hardware malfunction, to greatly set you back. As data becomes more and more important for all kinds of businesses, from the biggest corporations down to the one man […]

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