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This client is an independent water treatment and hygiene company, providing expert advice, consultancy, monitoring and analytical services across commercial, industrial, hospitality, public and healthcare sectors.

Their team of fully trained and professional staff endeavour to produce and execute structured microbiological control, legionella compliance, and chemical management programmes to suit client and legislative requirements.

What Were The Challenges They Were Faced by?

The client faced several challenges as a result of business growth.  One of these challenges involved managing and controlling day-to-day data access remotely across multiple mobile field devices, whilst maintaining data integrity.

The lack of a robust and unified remote access strategy to on-prem centralised storage regularly left field workers without access to critical files.

Our Approach:  Creating A Resilient And Centralised Document Management Solution

 247 IT Services approached the client with SharePoint Online to create a single cloud-based ‘access anywhere’ IT solution; overcoming the primary issue of unreliable VPN connection and endpoint synchronisation software. SharePoint also provides enhanced file security, integration across the Microsoft ecosystem, and ‘live’ online document collaboration.

The Result: Improved Cyber Security And Training

File versioning and access permissions have been applied at both user and group levels, ensuring that only staff has access to resources relevant to their roles and departments. Furthermore, 247 IT Services provided company-wide training to introduce the solution to the workforce to help familiarise them with SharePoint and help capitalise on the solution.

“SharePoint is a fantastic tool which enables us to access important data from virtually anywhere, which is crucial in our field service industry. It also gives us the flexibility and peace of mind that we can continue working should disasters such as hardware or power failures strike at our Head Office – with no on-prem central server to worry about, office staff can continue working on a mobile device right where they left off.  SharePoint also negates the associated on-prem hardware and maintenance costs for storage drives, servers, etc. “ – Oliver – Systems Manager

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