Finding the Right Networking Solutions for Your IT Infrastructure

The basis of all business digital connectivity begins with having a reliable networking solution, the kind that can correctly support IT infrastructure, be flexible enough to grow as the business does, and which fits comfortably into the company budget.

Making sure that you invest your company money wisely, and get a flexible but robust IT infrastructure setup from the get-go, is the best way to build a long lasting system that doesn’t need your constant attention or maintenance.

When deciding on a new network or when upgrading your existing one, it helps to at least know the basics. This way, when your IT company starts using terms like VPN, packet, and multiprotocol, you at least know more or less what they are referring to.

Understanding Networking Solutions

Networking solutions essentially describe the connecting of devices, applications, and users to the web and to each other. This connection streamlines the work process, and it allows users (employees) to easily share information and tasks as they get through their work day.

Naturally, any IT infrastructure you select has got to keep up with your demands and it also needs to be reliable and fast. Any delays can slow down communication and end up affecting day to day efficiency, which is obviously the last thing you want. 

The Types of Networking Solutions

There are three main types of networking solutions: SD-WAN, MPLS, and the one that you are probably the most familiar with, which is the traditional LAN.

  1. SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network)

SD-WAN uses virtual infrastructure to connect users to each other and to the web, no matter what their geographical distance is. SD-WAN networks are centralised and they are popular for many reasons, not just because of its Cloud based servers. Some of the benefits of opting for a SD-WAN network include cost efficiency, improved performance, robust security, uncomplicated extensions, better real-time performance of applications on Microsoft 365, and easy management.  

  • MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

MPLS is designed to allow businesses to build customised and intelligent networks. It is used to direct data via labels rather than using network addresses. This shortens the data path which allows for the creation of private wide area networks. These networks are beneficial because they are reliable, offer predictable performance, and experience less network congestion. The downside of this network is that it does not scale well and it can be expensive if you are setting the network up from scratch.

  • LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN networks are perfect for small, local environments.  These networks are designed for office and home spaces, where the devices and users are seated closer together. LAN networks are physical setups, with cables and hardware used to connect everything and everyone, although one of the newer developments in the world of LAN is virtual networks. Some of the benefits of LAN networks include easy and simple setups, limited costs, a high data transfer rate, and limited errors. Some disadvantages include limited geographical reach, a constant need to upgrade, and increased maintenance.

Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing your Network

When you are considering a network, whether you are building one from scratch or creating a brand new one, these are the factors to keep in mind.

  • Your business size and potential need to scale
  • The geographical distribution of offices or locations (which is important for remote workers)
  • Your bandwidth and performance requirements
  • Your security and compliance needs
  • Your budget constraints

There will more than likely be more factors than this that will affect your network option, but if you have this information on hand right from the get go, it will help direct you to the right option. 


Need assistance with your business networking and overall IT infrastructure? We can help. At 24/7 IT Services, we create all kinds of networks for our clients. Contact us today to find out more. 

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