How Small Businesses in the UK can Overcome IT Challenges

IT problems and issues are not an everyday cause for concern. But when they do happen, they can shut down business, something no small business can afford to do. Whether it is an unexpected web outage or a very much unwanted cybersecurity compromise, when issues come up, it is important that they are swiftly dealt with before they create a headache.

The Most Common IT Challenges for UK Small Businesses

Small businesses in the UK face various IT challenges, some of which are a lot more common than others. To deal with any kind of IT related issues, you first need to know what to look for.

  • Limited Budgets for IT Infrastructure

Ideally all companies, even the small ones, should have enough money to budget for a decent IT system. But this is not an ideal world, and often having the right kind of IT infrastructure from the get go is just not feasible for small businesses juggling limited IT budgets.

  • Cybersecurity Concerns

Small businesses are the most at risk of a cyber-attack, mostly because of the challenge listed above. Many hackers and scammers know that small businesses don’t have the best defence and so they go out of their way to target them.

  • Lack of IT Expertise

Very few small businesses have a dedicated IT staff. This can end up resulting in the company not having the correct type of IT management, which can in turn result in various challenges such as opening the company up to certain unwanted risks.

  • Data Backup and Recovery

Data loss happens when businesses aren’t secure or when their IT is improperly managed. It also happens when the company neglects its backup systems, which often get forgotten when there are other tasks demanding attention. Not having a business continuity plan in place can have dire consequences.

  • Scalability and Future-Proofing

Finally, there is the lack of scalability and future proofing. Small businesses are often so busy trying to get through the daily work load and to stay afloat, that any thoughts of IT scalability and future-proofing goes out of the window. Adapting to future changes can be hard if there is no plan in place, especially when budget constraints and a lack of knowledge are standing in the way.

Actionable Solutions

The various IT challenges might sound a bit like a mountain to overcome, but with these easy solutions they don’t have to be. Here is what you as a small business owner can do to overcome these challenges.

  • Prioritise IT Investments

You don’t need the biggest budget, you just need to be dedicated to putting aside some money to put towards your IT investments. You can also look at affordable solutions such as using Cloud based services.

  • Implement Robust Cybersecurity Measures

Again, you don’t have to bankrupt yourself with expensive security programmes, just become obsessive about using strong passwords and encryption, and use tough firewalls. You can also train employees on the best cybersecurity practices.

  • Outsource IT Support

Reputable IT companies know what they are doing and they often have an affordable service created just for small companies. Shop around for an external IT service provider and find out about what they can offer you.

  • Establish Regular Data Backups

As for your business continuity needs, setting up an automated data backup system that stores data frequently is an effective way to protect your work and your customer information. Having both an off-site and a Cloud-based solution is a must.

  • Choose Scalable IT Solutions

And lastly, when you are setting up your IT infrastructure, you should opt for the kind that will be able to grow with your business. The system should be flexible and adaptable, and it should be able to effectively meet your needs.

* As a small business owner, you don’t have to navigate your IT setup on your own. Instead, you can give us a call. At 24/7 IT Services, we have a list of IT solutions, including IT infrastructure, VoIP and IT security, which will work perfectly for your company.

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