3 Advantages to consolidating your IT software Stack.


Donovan Coetzer

14 April 2021

Whenever a new tool or software is released that can make an employee’s life easier, we often jump on it—especially if said IT services software can increase productivity and decrease time spent staring at spreadsheets.


Tech is great when it works the way it needs to work, but that, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. If your team uses too many software programs that don’t communicate with each other properly, it can take up unnecessary time. Alternatively, if you invest in too little, your competitors may leave you in the dust.


Cost Saving


Consolidating services can often slash costs in half. One perfect example of this is organizations using Dropbox for Business in parallel with Microsoft 365. Often paying an additional subscription for Dropbox when OneDrive and SharePoint offer better integration and features while already included in the Microsoft 365 stack. The saving here can accumulate to around 50%.

This can also be the case in the use of video calling software in the case of clients using Zoom Pro where Microsoft Teams comes included and integrated with all the other apps in the Microsoft 365 stack. Again, resulting in a significant saving.


Improved User Experience with improved Software Stack


Consolidation provides an improved user experience by reducing complexity in the array of tools employees work with. Services in Microsoft 365 are designed to work together from the get-go, with Teams being the premier example of how Microsoft enables the aggregation of SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, calling, and chat capabilities (and much more) in a single integrated service.

Services that are built to work together enable integrations such as linking Outlook and OneNote, moving an email thread from Outlook to Microsoft Teams for wider conversation and discussion, and a unified search experience using the new Microsoft Search.

All these tools enable your business to run in an efficient and effective manner, saving you time and money along the way.


Reduced Data Security Threats


Over the last year data security breaches have increased significantly, causing countless businesses thousands of Pounds, and resulting in loss of critical data.

Fewer software platforms, fewer apps, and fewer vendors mean fewer vectors for attack. Common attack types include compromised accounts (often via phishing attempts or brute force password attacks), the exploitation of vulnerabilities in security settings, and misconfigured access rights.

Managing this risk is crucial for any business and protection of confidential data should be at the forefront of any cyber security prevention plan. At the end of the day, if your organization doesn’t store data in a particular cloud service, it can’t be breached or compromised there.


Improved efficiency for IT Management and System Administration


At the end of the day using multiple services require multiple ways of managing access rights, ensuring appropriate data protection, configure security requirements, and meet compliance demands.

Using Microsoft 365 reduces complexity across services, Fewer services need to be tracked via audit logs, alerting mechanisms, and notification engines.

Being a Microsoft Silver partner we at 247 IT Services are perfectly positioned to work with you in consolidating your software stack and to optimise your organizations IT Network.

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