Outsourcing support at scale – with added value


When a responsive, gold standard IT service desk is a necessary function for a business, and needs to be combined seamlessly with your brand, a 247 white label solution is the place to turn.


This is perfect for growing firms who want full service support, and outsourcing a service desk to us saves on average 40% of the cost compared to setting the same function up in-house.


Your business will get the full experience of an in-house IT service desk, including dedicated access points for your staff with branded phone line and ticketing systems which are available 24/7. Our engineers on site will visibly appear as part of your team and we ensure that we work with you to align with your business plan and any special requirements needed in different departments.


We also provide full transparency and reporting on service usage, showing how we meet our service level agreement with you.  The agreement of key performance indicators will show the value added by outsourcing to us.


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White Label Solution Benefits

Outsourced help desk

Customer helpdesk branded as your own operation

Operating 24/7

Full ticketing and SLA monitoring systems

Onsite engineers branded as your own operation

At least 40% cost savings compared to hiring in house

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We offer competitive and flexible support packages centered around what works for you and your business.


Enabling business continuity

Business continuity is more than just backing up data. The fundamental purpose of business continuity is to get back to ‘business as usual’ as fast as possible. Continuity and recovery should include any IT systems, infrastructure, media and services. We will guide you through full disaster planning and recovery scenarios to ensure everything IT is covered in your business recovery strategy

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247 IT Services were engaged by Berry Place as a trusted advisor to undertake a business transformation project to boost productivity by streamlining communications, file storage and data management using Office-365 and SharePoint.

Whitewater faced several challenges as a result of business growth. One of these challenges involved managing and controlling day-to-day data access remotely across multiple mobile field devices, whilst maintaining data integrity.

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