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Business Continuity

Enabling business continuity


Business continuity is more than just backing up data. The fundamental purpose of business continuity is to get back to ‘business as usual’ as fast as possible. Continuity and recovery should include any IT systems, infrastructure, media and services. We will guide you through full disaster planning and recovery scenarios to ensure everything IT is covered in your business recovery strategy. By employing cloud based disaster recovery techniques with remote and on-site options, 247 IT Services provide added peace of mind in the event of such a scenario.




Business continuity benefits


  • High level input into business continuity planning
  • Flexible solutions commensurate with business risks
  • Modelling and input into disaster recovery scenarios
  • 24/7 implementation of recovery procedures

Data Backup Features


  • Fast and efficient recovery process
  • Reliable and secure data
  • Bespoke solutions to meet Client requirements
  • 24/7 backup support