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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing – versatile and effective


As technology advances, cloud computing technologies are enabling businesses to draw upon a wider range of resources than was previously available. These allow more effective staff and system operations, reducing both costs and strain on in-house assets. Cloud resources are housed in a secure centralised platform off-site, allowing organisations to tap in to a substantial array of flexible external resources instead of using your own on-site servers.


Microsoft Office 365 is a prime example of cloud computing, which allows users to effectively take their office with them on the go – either through portal access or on mobile devices. Not only does this approach turbo charge your collaboration, it increases security. Documents can be worked on by teams in a secure, online server space instead of having to email them back and forth.


The range of cloud computing services are vast and continually expanding, and selecting the correct mix for a business can be overwhelming. We will assess your needs and identify the most appropriate system for you, keeping subscriptions under control and managing any needed upgrades and interfaces to your existing systems. 247’s IT support will help you to unleash the full potential of the cloud, using this dynamic technology to its fullest potential


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Cloud Packages


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Various cloud backups