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Communication is key to the success of any business and VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services can be extremely beneficial to you organisation. We can offer more traditional landline phone systems with group calls and voicemail or – if you want something more tailored, cost-effective and flexible, we can provide you with a bespoke VoIP system.

VoIP refers to the technology that enables users to make a telephone call over the Internet using a broadband connection. They are also extremely flexible; someone calling your office landline can seamlessly and invisibly be routed to you on site – meaning you never have to miss another call! This method uses an IP address instead of a conventional phone number to make the call. Calls made within your organisation and to other VoIP users are typically free, provided the call isn’t routed through a conventional telephone system. However, calls made to external and non-internet dialling users are considerably cheaper compared to a conventional telephone systems.

We can also help with the setup and purchasing of company mobile phones, including full security and management.

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