Situ Plan Case Study


Led by Managing Director Nick Sweet, the Situ team offers Strategic Planning, Urban Design, Architecture and Landscape Design as core disciplines to global markets with emphasis on new community planning, urban renewal, mixed-use planning, and public realm design.


The firm offers a balance of skills that allow both public and private sector clients to commission expertise at several levels. Their integrated approach, supported by a comprehensive understanding of the full development process, positions Situ at the forefront of design thought and the creation of sustainable solutions for cities in the 21st Century.


What were the challenges faced by Situ?



Situ had reached a level of evolution as a company that required a more structured and specialized IT Infrastructure to support their business. They needed a complete IT Support solution which would prepare the company for future growth and success. Their current IT solution was inadequate and thus often resulted in additional costs to perform routine support tasks with the client not sure what they really get and how it benefits them moving forward.




Consultation and design of an all encompassing IT Solution



Situ Plan approached 247 IT Services looking for a partner wiling to listen to their needs and able to provide long term solutions that are practical and simple to understand.

After several consultations where 247 IT assisted Situ to understand their current IT support and helped them realize their business IT needs, 247 IT structured a bespoke solution encompassing a complete IT Support package. The hand over process was well planned and 247 IT were in contact with the previous support supplier from start to finish, providing Situ with IT Support even before the on-boarding date.

Raising support tickets is now simple and fast, with all staff having access to remote IT Support that really allows the business to run without interruption, and with the on-site hours included in the package Situ have the benefit of getting onsite support if and when they need it. Future planning is constant, and Situ now have a well-managed IT infrastructure allowing them further growth opportunities.



“247 Were very understanding as to what we needed in terms of design functions and really looked at the whole structure of our IT, not just daily support, they were looking at how the whole of the server structure is setup and needs that we might have coming further down the road. They were very good at foresight which we needed because we cannot always see those potential problems. I found that they have always been very proactive in letting us know what we need rather than feeling that I have to chase”



Charlotte Chatfield – Studio and Operations Manager



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