The Latest Windows 11 Developments

The Latest Windows 11 Developments

It has been a couple of months since Windows 11 officially launched and like all versions of Windows, the first few months have seen a lot of the kinks worked out and plenty of new features brought in.

A few days ago, Microsoft held an event during which they updated the public about what they are working on and what is to be expected from Windows 11 in the coming days, weeks and months.

At the event, Microsoft went over several features that they have already made public. Initially, it would seem that nothing new was being said but for the more focused listener, there were actually quite a few new features mention.

If you have not yet gone over to Windows 11, but you have been thinking about it, these are some of the latest features and interesting developments that you can expect to see if you update your operating system to the newest version of Windows.

Smart Context IQ Features

Microsoft is all about making the experience as user friendly as possible and so it is no surprise that one of the new additions that is coming out has to do with smart, contextual features. This feature is designed to be able to recommend relevant content and contacts in the start-up menu as well as in the Microsoft 365 apps.

This feature is also designed to reduce the number of clicks that you need to make in order to get to wherever you need to be. This saves a lot of time, especially in the business context.

The company is also bringing out a feature which they have called “Suggested Actions” which can guide you to quickly doing everyday tasks, such as adding contacts or creating Calendars.

Improved Widgets

One of the most helpful features, and something that has been around for a while is the Widgets Panel. It has undergone a couple of changes over the years and although users have known that this feature is undergoing some changes and being improved, users are not quite sure what changes to expect just yet.

What we do know is that the widget panel will be looking a little different in the coming months, and it is possibly going to be a lot more user friendly.

Cloud Integration

For the commercial users, in the coming months, it will be easier to integrate the local desktop with the Cloud PC experience as it is offered to Windows 365 accounts, in a number of ways.

Users will be able to directly log into their Cloud PC and make it the primary Windows experience. This will be available as the Windows 365 Boot.

With Windows 365 Offline, users will be able to work in Windows 365 even if they are not connected to the web. Once their connection is restored, the work that has been done will sync back to the service without any of the data being lost.

Users will also be able to switch between their local desktop and the Cloud PC as they please, using the Task Switcher.

And finally, there is the Windows 365 app which gives users another way to connect their Cloud PC from their Start Menu or the Task Bar. This provides an easy and effective way to personalise the work experience.

Windows 11 is going to become the main version of Windows in a couple of months and if you have any questions about this version of the operating system, you can have a chat with our team at 24/7 IT Services. We are in the business of getting companies sorted out with the best IT solutions including, managed IT support and Cloud computing.

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