How Small Businesses in the UK can Overcome IT Challenges

IT problems and issues are not an everyday cause for concern. But when they do happen, they can shut down business, something no small business can afford to do. Whether it is an unexpected web outage or a very much unwanted cybersecurity compromise, when issues come up, it is important that they are swiftly dealt […]

Finding the Right Networking Solutions for Your IT Infrastructure

The basis of all business digital connectivity begins with having a reliable networking solution, the kind that can correctly support IT infrastructure, be flexible enough to grow as the business does, and which fits comfortably into the company budget. Making sure that you invest your company money wisely, and get a flexible but robust IT […]

The Role of Cloud Computing in Business Continuity

Business continuity is the practice of putting in place a plan, with actions, for any kind of otherwise disastrous business related eventuality. To be more specific, business continuity is what every business should have in order to stay fully functional during a time of crisis, no matter if it is a natural disaster or an […]

Collaboration and Communication with Microsoft Teams in Office 365

Remote and hybrid working has become a way of life for so many employees. With the team split up most of the time, and sometimes even working in different time zones, having a way to share documents and to collaborate from a distance, is the absolute best way to ensure that business continues as usual. […]

The Security Measures Microsoft Uses to Protect Office 365 Users

Cloud based productivity tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, not to mention convenient, especially in today’s data driven business world. Such tools are allowing businesses to do more in less time, and they are also allowing employees to collaborate and work on projects more effectively. Of all the many productivity tools available to companies, Microsoft Office […]

2023’s Best Anti-Virus Software for Small Businesses

While large corporations often make headlines when they fall victim to data breaches, small businesses are just as vulnerable, if not more so, due to limited resources and lack of knowledge when it comes to cybersecurity measures. The consequences of a cyber-attack can be devastating for small businesses, leading to financial loss, reputational damage, and […]

Why Workplaces of all Kinds Should be Considering Workplace Automation

Workplace automation has the power to transform the way that businesses do business. Taking on a wide range of shapes and forms, workplace automation is a broad concept and while you might not notice it, you have probably already come across workplace automation in your day to day life. Much like the automation of the […]

Cybersecurity Threats and Tips for Small Businesses in Britain

With the new era of working from home becoming more and more popular in Britain, cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a real cause for concern. In the past, most security threats were completely focused on office spaces, but now with so many people working from home, and often working on unsecured IP addresses, security issues are […]

Employee Monitoring Software Types and Benefits

With remote and hybrid working becoming a permanent part of modern business, many employers are looking a reliable way to monitor employee performance. Although for some it might sound a little dystopian, employee monitoring software is nothing new, and when used in this modern working era, all it is doing is essentially replacing the role […]