How to Safely Clean Your Computer

How to Safely Clean Your Computer

It doesn’t matter how much you clean the space in which you have your computer and it doesn’t matter how many fans you have installed in your setup, eventually things are going to get dirty and dusty and eventually that dirt and dust is going to have an impact on the operating capabilities of your system.

Knowing how to do even the most basic of PC cleaning is something you won’t regret.

And equipped with the knowledge that we are sharing in this blog, you will be able to get your computer into a better, cleaner state, without having to learn in-depth IT skills.

Often, when it comes to giving a computer a good clean, people think that they either have to learn how to take everything apart or they are under the impression that since the computer is in a box, it can’t get dirty. But dust gets into even the finest of cracks, and it you are not keeping up with the most basic of cleaning, you will eventually suffer the consequences (or just end up really embarrassed when your IT technician does eventually open your computer to fix something and is greeted with quite the dusty sight).

Getting Stuck into Cleaning

When you are cleaning out your computer, the accumulation of the finest dust is going to be quite intense, and can cause an allergy flare up. For this reason, you should think about masking up so that you don’t inhale the dust particles.

After you have your mask, you can get started by following these tips.

  • Turn off your computer. You will want to be as safe as possible when cleaning and that means you shouldn’t have the power turned on, least you get shocked or damage something.
  • Take the computer into a well-ventilated, well-lit area where you can get to work and make a mess if you need to, without having to worry about the rest of the office being covered in dust.
  • If it is possible, take off the front panel of your computer as well as the side panels. These will usually be either clipped on or fastened with screws. If you have screws, be sure to put them in a pocket or some other safe place.
  • Using a lint-free cloth you can start to gently remove the dust. If you are worried about causing damage or not being able to get the dust out effectively, you can try a can of compressed air which is generally quite effective at gently blowing the dust out of difficult places.
  • Using the compressed air, you can also think about blowing the CPU and the graphics card, two parts of the system that are quite delicate and not something that you want to add pressure to.

When most of the dust is removed and is all over the floor, you can vacuum it up. But you should never be tempted to vacuum the inside of your computer. If the dust is now caked into the fans or the vents, a deeper clean might be required and in this case, you might want to contact the company’s IT guy and let them do the hard but delicate work. Sometimes, the computer might need to be taken apart in order to get to all those out of reach places, and that is certainly something you will want to let your IT person deal with.


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