Managed IT Solutions: What is it and why you might need it

Managed IT Solutions - What is it and why you might need it

All growing businesses rely heavily on their office network of computers, phones and printers. One hiccup, and the network grinds to a halt, stopping the day’s work in its tracks. Without a reliable solution to IT issues that are bound to crop up every now and then, not only will your business progress be on the slow burner, but the technological advancement in your workplace will be rather stagnate.

In this ever progressing modern world, you need modern solutions. And while there is always the option of having some form of in-house assistance, for some businesses the very best alternative to an in-house IT guy, is a managed IT service offered by a highly skilled local company.

What are managed IT solutions?

Essentially, managed IT is a collective term used to describe any kind of IT related service that you hire an outside company to do for you. This can included just about everything from the installation of new desktop computers and the necessary software, to the move over from conventional phones to VoIP. The range of managed IT solutions available to companies are generally affordable, and they are designed to either be a once off, occasional call out or an agreed upon contract that will include various services.

Managed IT solutions can also give you access to the knowledge and advice of the company you are hiring, which is certainly a much-welcomed addition for those companies still unsure of what kind of IT equipment and software they will benefit the most from.

Who needs managed IT and what are the benefits?

Really any kind of business can find some way to benefit from having their IT managed by an outside company. Often smaller companies will start out with their own IT department and find that either it is an unnecessary monthly expense, or that as their business grows, the IT department can no longer keep up with the growing demands.

The benefits of making the move over to outsourced IT comes with a wide range of advantages, all of which can assist the company in its profit making progress. If you are on the fence about making the move over to managed IT, these are just a handful of the advantages that you will come across:

  1. Cost Saving

Any business is going to want to save on costs, especially in those formative early stages. Having a full time, on staff IT team is actually far more costly than hiring an IT company, because while you will only be paying the IT company when you need them, you will have to pay your IT team a full salary every month, regardless of the amount of work done.

2. Improved Security

With cybersecurity becoming a big threat to every modern business, having a team that is able to secure your cyber presence is a big deal. Outsourced IT companies are generally quite skilled at reducing the risks related to having a part of the business online, and this security extends into ensuring that your hardware and software is up to date and ready to face the risks.

3. New Technology

The IT world is one of the fastest evolving industries on the planet. What you have in your office today in terms of PCs, laptops and phones, might no longer be the very best version of that technology within a year. When working with an outside IT company, not only will they alert you to when it might be time for an upgrade, but they often have great connections, which helps them to get the best prices.

4. Scalability

Every successful business will eventually start growing, and when it does it is so important, for the sake of this progress and the company budget, that the IT systems within the company are able to accommodate the changes. By working with an IT company, scalability is a guarantee.

5. Business Focus

Not having to worry about managing your in-house IT team means you have extra time to focus completely on the next steps that you will need to take in your business growth.

At 24/7 IT Services, we are a highly experienced IT team, able to assist you with your IT management. Contact us today for a consultation.

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