Microsoft Brings out Game Changing GPT Chatbot

It is hard to read any kind of tech news these days and not see countless headlines about something Chat GPT or AI related. Like it or not, we are entering a new age of technology, and Microsoft is jumping in head first by creating a GPT-powered Chatbot for Dynamics 365 CRM.

On the 6th of March, Microsoft announced the exciting news that they were introducing an AI Chatbot for business users which will be able to draft email responses, contribute to marketing campaigns, help out with email sales campaigns, and create quick and accurate summaries of Teams discussions. The announcement is just another one emphasising and highlighting Microsoft’s growing investment in AI technology which is currently being used across various products including Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft 365.

As you can imagine, this new development is going to save businesses a lot of time and money. Everyday people will now be able to write complicated coding by using normal, everyday language and reap the rewards of this advanced technology.

Microsoft has emphasised the fact that although the AI will help companies tremendously, the success of the AI is going to be determined by the expertise of those using the system. The AI will simply be a tool. If the information put into the system cannot be used or is too biased, for instance, the bot will not function as effectively as it could.  

How will it work?

Since this technology is being designed to be used in a number of different ways, here’s what you can expect with this development.  


Having a summary of the topics and what was said during a Teams meeting is of utmost importance, especially when the meeting is being held with customers. The AI will be able to create a helpful email summary from the meeting, by using seller details about products and prices, and it will also be able to provide a breakdown of helpful insights that the company can use for future marketing and sales.  

Automated Emails

For the quick scheduling of meetings and to reply to enquires, this new AI will be able to create customisable emails and even pull data from Outlook calendar to schedule the time and date. Along with this feature, the AI will remind the user to follow up with clients and prospects who have sent an email enquiry and auto-generate a personalised response. This feature will also suggest products and deadlines.

Customer Insights

Marketing is set to be made a whole lot more insightful with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing which can create a customer profile through the information put in by the marketer.

This tool will be useful for anticipating sales and for getting back to customers using emails that are tailored specifically for the customer but not written by the marketer. Essentially this means the marketer can reach a wider range of clients in a far shorter space of time, potentially increasing company profits without increasing expenses.

As with all of the latest AI developments, Microsoft says these new additions to the Microsoft line up are not meant to replace expertise and those who use the tools should not become overly reliant on the technology to do their jobs.

It should also be said that AI can be wrong, so the data that is created should never be taken at face value and be assumed 100% correct.

That said, the data that can be created using these tools will make those who are responsible for these sorts of tasks more efficient at the work that they do.

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