The Best Internet Browsers (Based on your work needs)

The Best Internet Browsers (Based on your work needs)

For those who rely on the web on a daily basis to get their work done, choosing the right sort of browser is the difference between a smooth day and one of pure frustration. While the main purpose of a web browser is to give you access to your favourite or your most used search engine, a browser can also come with loads of helpful features that can be used to improve your productivity, plan your work day, and personalise your online experience.

Although Microsoft comes with its own web browser, Edge is not all that popular for a number of reasons. This is why people choose to find their own browser, something that best suits their needs, and when you are looking for a new browser, especially one for work purposes, there are some tricks that you can use to guide your decision making.

  1. Speed absolutely matters. A slow loading browser is not suitable for work, or for anything else for that matter, because really, who has time to wait?
  2. Download for navigation. Easy to use navigation is a must, because it saves time and energy.
  3. You need add-ons. Extensions have become one of the biggest drivers of web browser popularity. There are various extensions available on the better quality browsers, and they are made for all sorts of things, including improving productivity.
  4. User experience is a must. Clean cut web browsers that can be easily used to get information is a big deal.
  5. Mobile friendliness is handy. While you might not need a mobile friendly browser for work, it is still nice to have because you might enjoy the browser so much that you use it outside of work.

The Best Web Browsers

The web is full of browsers, some more efficient for work than others. A general rule to follow when making your decision, is to go with those that are the most popular. If a browser has many users, the developers have to be doing something right!

  1. Opera

Overall, Opera is considered by many to be the absolute best browser you can download. Opera is incredibly secure, which makes it ideal for business use, and it is completely customisable. It even has a WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger built into it, and it is incredibly fast.

  • Google Chrome

Secure, fast and one of the most popular web browsers in the world, Google Chrome is a great option for both work and play. Another excellent thing about a Google Chrome is that it comes with many extension options, which make it easily customisable. A downside is that it can slow down your system.

  • Vivaldi

If you are working in an industry that requires a fast acting web browser, then Vivaldi is going to be your go to option. Vivaldi has been made for an impatient person, and this browser, is perfect for anyone who wants to have full control over customising their web experience. Vivaldi is designed with the option of having a split screen, and you can put your tabs wherever you like, which is a bonus for those wanting additional control.

  • Tor

This web browser was made with security in mind. Tracking, surveillance, and censorship are all but eliminated with Tor, as every site you visit is isolated. And even if a website has blocked you on other browsers, with Tor, you will have access, making it great for researchers.

  • Brave

Not a browser that is particularly well-known to everyone, Brave is an excellent option if you are looking for something lightweight, and which allows you to rethink the way you use the web. With Brave, you can customise your browsing experience by being given a fairly useful reward system. Brave also has no ads, which makes it more user friendly.

If you need help finding the best browser for your needs, or if you are looking for additional help in terms of IT consultancy or cyber security solutions, you can contact our team at 24/7 IT Services today.

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