The Pros and Cons of Syncing your Work and Home Computer

The Pros and Cons of Syncing your Work and Home Computer

The rise in popularity around working from home might have waned in some businesses, but there are still plenty of companies who have liked the practice so much that they have decided to adopt it as a part of their approach to business operations.

Working from home has opened up a whole new world of opportunity and those who have decided that this practice works well for them have found that there are certain things that they can do to efficiently blend the city centre office with the home office of the employee.

One of the most used methods, is to sync the work computer with the home one.

Syncing computers is nothing new. In fact, many people have been syncing personal laptops and desktops for years. And then there are those who sync emails only, which is also a practice that has worked quite well for many looking to bring some of their work home with them, but not all of it.

These days, with working from home being a lot more acceptable, people are looking for new and improved ways to have access to their work documents, without having to lag around computer equipment. But in doing so, this new way of working which, let’s face it, is blurring the lines between home life and work life, is going to have its pros and its cons.

How to get synced?

If this is something that you are looking forward to doing, you need to know how to get up and running. To sync your 2 systems, you need to start by making sure that you have a Microsoft account that is being used on both computers. You will also need to check with your IT department to make sure that you have permission to sync.

Once you have this out of the way, you will be able to sync your systems by using the default Microsoft setting which will also allow you to decide what to sync and what not to.

The Pros and Cons of Syncing

There’s not a huge array of pros and cons, but they are worth knowing if you are still trying to make your decision.

The pros naturally include the fact that you will have everything right where you need it, so you will not find yourself having to run back to the office every other day to get something.

The other advantage of syncing your two computers is that even when you are in the office, whatever you are working on will be also be available at home.

And then there is the fact that your home system might be a lot better than your work setup, so being able to work from home more efficiently will make you more productive.

But as with all things in life, where there is a pro, there is also a couple of cons.

The biggest con being privacy.  When you sync your personal computer with your work one, you will need to be to be very careful about what you share, or you could end up syncing all of your private data, which in turn could end up being viewed by your IT department or anyone else who happens to use your computer.

And finally, cyber security concerns can be an issue. If your work network is more secure than your home one, the result could be that the company is made vulnerable through your home system.

Syncing computers is a great option for anyone who is able to work from home. For those who have adapted to this sort of lifestyle, productivity is generally greatly improved and working from home can also reduce stress. Just be smart about your syncing and you will experience more of the pros than the cons.


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