The Security Measures Microsoft Uses to Protect Office 365 Users

Cloud based productivity tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, not to mention convenient, especially in today’s data driven business world. Such tools are allowing businesses to do more in less time, and they are also allowing employees to collaborate and work on projects more effectively.

Of all the many productivity tools available to companies, Microsoft Office 365 is about the most popular, partly thanks to its Cloud storage and access capabilities.

As companies increasingly work online, and increasingly rely on various Cloud services, data security is rightfully becoming a bigger than usual concern.

Keeping sensitive information confidential is a priority for every business, and those who use Microsoft Office 365 on a daily basis will be happy to know that Microsoft has invested a considerable amount of time, energy and resources into their online security.

How Microsoft Protects its Cloud Productivity Tools

Microsoft’s approach to online data safety is multifaceted.

With a variety of safety measures in place, user data is protected in a number of effective ways. Since Microsoft has access to and develops some of the best protection technology in the world, here’s how the company protects its Cloud productivity tools.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is one of the most effective ways to protect data from theft, and it also stops data from being changed or in any way compromised. Encryption works by scrambling up the data into a code that can’t be unlocked or accessed by those who do not have permission. Data encryption is also used to protect files and resources when they are being moved around the web.

Multi-Factor Authentication

With this security, the protection of data goes well beyond the use of a simple password. Instead, it requires users to provide a number of forms of identification to prove that they are who they say they are. Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of protection and it can include things like passwords, security tokens, and finger print biometrics.

Office 365 uses a very much straight forward and user friendly approach to multi-factor authentication by allowing users to choose which kinds of authentication they would like to use to access their accounts.

Compliance Standards and Certifications

Microsoft is serious about data protection and user privacy. After all, much of the company’s reputation hangs on its ability to protect its user’s data.

To ensure user safety, the company has built a robust framework that centres around Microsoft’s adherence to the cybersecurity industry’s various compliance standards. Office 365 goes out of its way to ensure that it complies with all of the global as well as the local data protection laws and regulations.

Strong Passwords

Although passwords are the simplest method of protecting data on the Cloud, they remain among the most effective measures, so long as the passwords are done right. Office 365 has certain factors in place that will force the users to make a password that is as strong as it possibly can be. It does this by requiring users to have met certain before they can set a password.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Office 365 makes use of very strict data prevention loss software which ensures that data is always kept confidential. This software is used by Microsoft to analyse data in order to identify which content is the most sensitive. It then implements certain measures to ensure that the data is never sent outside of the business. 


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