Tired of wasting time in meetings? Soon Microsoft’s AI will attend for you

Since AI went main stream towards the end of 2022, developers have been competing to find ways to make their artificial intelligence systems the most preferred and useful for companies. While the rest of the world is still playing around with using AI to create cartoon images and to write emails, Microsoft has been keeping busy with creating the sort of AI that can improve business productivity, and remove the need for users to be involved with monotonous tasks, like attending meetings.

The way that we do business has changed enormously over just the last few years.

The pandemic has taught business owners and employees not only the importance of going digital and being able to operate profitably with a remote workforce, but also just how much meetings are a waste of time.

While, there will always be those important meetings that require your attendance and your full attention, but for the most part, it is becoming painfully obvious that most meetings could just be an email.

Microsoft has noticed this feeling in business and it has seen how much time employees could be spending better elsewhere. And so, with its latest release, which is a part of the upcoming Microsoft 365 package update, Microsoft is using AI to bridge the gap between the necessity for staff to get information and the downright waste of time it is for them to have to sit in hours long meetings to do so.

The AI is called Copilot, and if it sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because we have mentioned it before (and also because Microsoft has been talking about its development a lot since the start of the year).

Copilot is Almost Here

From the 1st of November 2023, Copilot will become available as a part of the Microsoft 365 subscribers app package.

But there is a catch. And the catch is that it will cost an additional $30 a month per user.

For most business employees, especially those working for small companies, having access to Copilot might not be completely necessary, but for big businesses with plenty of managerial employees, Copilot might just be the one tool that makes work life that little bit more productive.

The idea behind Copilot is to create an AI Chat Bot that serves as the only assistant you will ever need. It will be the never eats, never sleeps, is always there to help bot that does everything from preparing emails and creating graphs and tables in Excel, to attending meetings in order to collect those all-important minutes.

You don’t necessarily need to use Copilot to opt out of all meeting obligations, just because you can’t be bothered, but you can use it when you simply don’t have the time or when you have double-booked yourself.

Copilot is already being used by global brand names like Goodyear and KPMG with great success and soon everyone will be able to lighten their workloads using the bot.

For the British employee in particular the availability of Copilot is great news as studies have shown that each year British employees are wasting up to 27 work days attending to “busywork” i.e. something that really could have just been an email.

So, will you be integrating Copilot into your business or are you still looking for an IT company in London to get you fully setup with Microsoft 365? If your answer is the latter, we might just be the team you are looking for. At 24/7 IT Services we provide our clients with a wide range of IT services such as Manage IT Support, IT Security, Cloud Solutions, and even Business Continuity plans.

You can contact us today for more information.

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