Windows 11 version 23H2 is coming

This Autumn Windows will be getting a massive upgrade with the introduction of 23H2.

Microsoft recently made the announcement that it is planning the release for later this year and while we don’t know everything that it will include, the hints and scraps of information we have been given point to the upgrade introducing a bunch of new features that users will be eagerly waiting to try out. 

If you haven’t already made the switch over to Windows 11, now is as good a time as any. The software has been on the market for a good long while now, long enough for the various bugs and issues that have been identified by users and developers alike to have been fixed.

While the operating system is never going to be completely without its hickups (none ever are), it is still fully functional. If your system needs to be updated or if you have been holding out until now, you should consider upgrading to Windows 11, especially with this latest upgrade on the horizon.

23H2, and What is in Store for Users

To keep the Windows operating system running just as it should, Microsoft is constantly improving the system and introducing all sorts of new and interesting features, designed to help its users make the most of their experience.

At the annual Microsoft Build conference, the company showcased a few of the newer features that are set to arrive with Windows 11 23H2. And now with a release date, users are learning more about what they can expect.

For those who are already using Windows 11, the coming update will be freely available, so as we said, now is a great time to update your system to Windows 11, so that you can get all of the exciting new features the moment they are released.

Here are some of the coming features to look forward to with 23H2.


Without a doubt the biggest and most exciting new Windows 11 feature or programme, is going to be Windows Copilot. This programme is essentially Microsoft’s AI assistant and it is using the same popular AI technology that is currently powering Bing Chat and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Windows Copilot will become the replacement for Cortana but it will be able to do quite a lot more than its predecessor. From helping users change their various PC settings to starting up playlists on Spotify, to creating summaries of webpages and all sorts of text documents, Copilot will enhance the overall Windows experience for many users.

File Explorer

The other talked about update is the upgrade for File Explorer. This update will completely modernise the current interface and make it more user-friendly, and more like a web browser. The newest version of File Explorer will also have a Gallery feature that will make it easier to view photos.

Windows Backup

Most of us neglect our computer backups, but with this latest version of Windows 11, you will have no excuse. Microsoft is bringing users a really simple Cloud backup tool with 23H2, allowing users to backup files, settings and apps to their OneDrive. And along with easy backups, this feature will also have an easy backup restore tool.

Taskbar Ungrouping

One Windows feature that remains popular is the classic taskbar, and its much-loved ungrouping feature is making its much-anticipated return with 23H2. Along with its return, the taskbar is also getting a new function, which is going to give users the option to show taskbar labels that are running.

This is just the taste of what to expect from the coming Windows 11 update, with some of the other features to look forward to including an updated widgets board, dark mode for paint, peripheral customisation, RAR and 7ZIP support, and a new Windows Dev Drive and Home.

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