2024’s Biggest Business Telecommunications Trends

There are very few industries that have undergone as much change and seen as many developments as the telecommunications industry has.

It is the section of the IT world that is often credited with being the gateway to other advances elsewhere in the tech industry, and in 2024, telecommunications is set to enjoy a number of new advancements, with companies of all kinds benefitting from the upcoming trends.

Once VoIP systems replaced traditionally telephones, there was no going back.  And today, the telecommunications industry plays a bigger role than ever before in business.

While the rest of the tech industry is consistently grabbing headlines, the world of telecommunications works away tirelessly in the background. The innovations coming out of this industry are fairly ongoing and with the arrival of the New Year, there are a couple of trends worth keeping an eye on, especially if you are a business owner looking to stay ahead.

5 Telecommunication Trends to Impact 2024

  1. AI Is Going To Have A Noticeable Effect

No matter what sector of the tech industry it is, AI will be making its presence known in 2024.We’ve all seen just how rapid the changes can be the moment AI is introduced into the mix and while it is not immediately obvious, AI is expected to also be felt in the telecommunications industry.

In 2024, AI is set to be used to do network optimisation as well as maintenance. AI will also be used to improve customer services, with virtual assistants, writing assistance and chatbots becoming even more popular within the business environment.

  • 5G Is Set To Shine

While it has been the talk of the industry for a while, 2024 is the year that 5G will really take off. For the most part, telecom companies have stuck to using their existing infrastructure to offer 5G to clients, but now 5G is set to become a popular standalone service. Customers can look forward to faster connectivity, more stability and even new digital services once 5G goes mainstream.

  • Cyber Security Will Become A Bigger Deal

With everything connected to the web these days, even the telecommunications world is at risk of a devastating hacking event that can severely harm the services that a company is able to offer its clients. In 2024, telecom companies will be focusing more on how they can protect their systems from an attack, which means there are some great improvements on the horizon. There is even talk of telecom companies partnering up with cyber security firms to improve security while also staying ahead of potential security threats.

  • An Increase In Smart Devices

Smart devices have led to smart homes and even smart businesses, where everything is connected via the web. The Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and in 2024, it is expected that some 17.8 billion devices will be in use worldwide, according to Statista. As for telecom companies, there is likely to be a shift in focus, as these enterprises build IoT platforms as well as connectivity to not only support the increase in people and companies looking to capitalise on the trend, but to also ensure the stability and the safety of the structures put in place.

  • A Reduction In Hardware

One thing that characterises the telecommunications industry is that it is hardware heavy. The hardware needed not only takes up plenty of office space, but it also adds onto the overall cost. In the coming year, many telecom companies are likely to make the switch over to Cloud based solutions. Software, like Network Function Virtualisation, will allow certain network functions to be done via the Cloud.

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