Future-Proof your Business with these 2024 Business Continuity Trends

time, effort, passion and money into making your business a success. But all it takes is one crisis, whether it is a hacking event or just a hardware malfunction, to greatly set you back.

As data becomes more and more important for all kinds of businesses, from the biggest corporations down to the one man enterprise, so has the necessity of having a working, easily accessible and highly reliable business continuity plan.

Now that we are on the cusp of the New Year, and as businesses around the country are starting to look for better ways to keep operations running smoothly once everyone is back at the office in January, now is the best time to have a look at some of the 2024 Business Continuity trends

Having a disaster recovery plan, one that is specifically tailored to your business needs, is a non-negotiable necessity in this data driven era. To ensure that your business is up to date with all of the latest business continuity developments, these are some of the trends to be aware of, and to try out, in 2024.

  1. AI And Machine Learning Will Improve (Almost) Everything

We might as well put AI right at the top at the list of trends. This technology is not going anywhere; in fact it is fast tracking tech developments of all kinds, including those in the world of business continuity solutions.

In 2024, AI and Machine Learning are set to be used to make business continuity plans more resilient and a lot more focused. Other ways that this tech will influence business continuity plans include:

  • Assisting businesses to identify potential business disruptions and fully automate the recovery process by using predictive analytics.
  • Improved security using blockchain technology and by assisting existing cyber security measures.
  • And, using the Internet of Things will give businesses the ability to monitor their data in real time.
  • Cloud Based Solutions Will Be The Most Sought-After

Cloud Based technology is already widely adopted by companies. When used for business continuity, such a system allows for the immediate recovery of data, allowing businesses to carry on as usual. As we go into 2024, Cloud Base Solutions will allow for more flexibility and scalability, they will become cheaper, they will remove the need for physical data centres in various locations, and they will enable a faster recovery.

  • Supply Chain Diversity Is Going To Become More Important

Supply chains have become more fragile since the pandemic of 2020, and for some companies this means supply chain diversity is something that needs to be included in their business continuity plan.

Companies should not only find a variety of suppliers to suit their requirements, but they should also consider using localised production. And the list of suppliers should be backed up and protected by the business continuity plan, to ensure that this vital information is never lost.

To make the supply chain even more robust, companies can consider partnering up with suppliers in their industry, and create a separate business continuity plan that solely protects the supply chain.

Tips For Preparing Your Business Continuity Plan in 2024

Preparing for the future means anticipating the things that could go wrong and then planning a system around the disaster. As you work on your business continuity plan for 2024, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

  1. Cyber-attacks are constantly evolving as technology advances and hackers find new and creative ways to steal. Always stay up to date with the latest threats (or work with an IT company that can do that for you).
  2. Don’t make your plan too complex as this can have the opposite effect, and leave your company vulnerable to problems (too many layers can create gaps that you don’t see).
  3. Move with the times. Your current system might work well, but technology is advancing all the time and there might be something out there that is cheaper and more effective.

Need assistance? 24/7 IT Services can help your business get ready for 2024. Along with offering companies create effective business continuity plans, we also assist with cyber security solutions and managed IT support. Contact us today for a consultation.

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