Why you need a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution

The disaster recovery solution is an integral part of your business continuity plan.

While your business continuity plan refers to the overall system that you should have in place should the worst happen, it is your disaster recovery solution that you will rely on when you need your business data to be recovered.

Of all the disaster recovery solutions you could create, having a Cloud-based one is the most effective.

Compared to the more traditional disaster recovery solutions, such as manual data processing and off-site storage, creating work area recovery sites, and the good old hardcopy backup and restore option, a Cloud-based disaster recovery is much more seamless and accessible.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions

With so much business being done online these days, it makes sense that one of your main disaster recovery solutions is a Cloud-based one. The Cloud has completely changed the way that we can store our data, and when it comes to your disaster recovery plans, the Cloud is an invaluable tool that comes with many helpful benefits, such as:

  1. There is minimal infrastructure involved

The brilliant thing about the Cloud is that it is all virtual, which means you are not going to have to make a single investment in additional infrastructure. All you need is an appropriate Cloud storage account, one big enough to store all of your data.

  1. The solution is expandable

Companies grow and so should any sort of recovery system you have in place. When you have one of the more traditional disaster recovery solutions, you will find that they are not necessarily as scalable as the Cloud option. If you want to expand a more traditional system, you will possibly be paying out a lot more money and putting in a lot more effort. When you are working with a Cloud option, you can expand your plan in a more affordable, effortless way.

  1. The recovery system is easily accessible

Since the Cloud, no matter which option you go with, is virtually hosted, it will be accessible no matter where you are, so long as you have an internet connection and a computer. You could even access it from your phone. This accessibility, since it is instant, also means there is minimal downtime when a disaster happens. There is no driving off-site to collect hardware and no need to connect complicated systems. And even if the web is down in your office, you can always use a different method, such as creating a mobile hotspot,to connect to the web and access your data.

The Key Features of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions

What makes your Cloud-based disaster recovery solution so effective is the set of features that it comes with, which are often designed to create data resilience and to also speed up the recovery process, so that your recovery can be done in minutes rather than hours or days.

Some Cloud-data solutions come with an automated backup which removes the need for human hands to be involved. Instead of having to manually do things, your automated system will regularly create backups of your data.  This will also reduce the risk of some data being left out of the backup.

Another key feature to look out for is real-time data backups. As the data is created within the company, a copy is made and saved to the Cloud. This ensures that should you need to access the data, it will be the most up-to-date information.

Finally, the Cloud-based disaster recovery solution should include a failover. This feature will create an additional layer of protection and it is usually achieved by the automatic redirection of traffic and operations to a backup system. This backup is used to protect against losses should the data fail to upload to the main Cloud system.

The Cloud is an invaluable solution for any data recovery plan.

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