How to Improve Your Cybersecurity

It is one of the biggest issues in the business world today, and as the global community’s problems get a little more daunting, having another look at your cybersecurity setup might well be worth the extra time and money you spend.

Every business, and even home computer setup, will have some level of cybersecurity if it is using the Microsoft operating system and if a free anti-virus system has been downloaded. While both of these security systems can be good enough for some, for others, more protective systems and just general good practices, should be put in place to protect data from viruses and hackers.

As our lives are increasingly lived online, and as more of our data is stored in places where they can be vulnerable to ill-intentioned people, it becomes even more important that everyone who has something online that might be at risk of theft or loss takes all the possible steps towards protecting that data.

Some of the tips we’ll be sharing are fairly straight forward to use and will be easy to implement, while other tips might be a little more complicated for the less tech savvy, but in these instances, you can always give us a call.

Easy Cybersecurity Tips You can use Today to Improve Your Online Safety

1. Just keep your software updated

It is too tempting to push the pause button on a Microsoft update especially when it pops up early in the morning. Unless you are keeping up to date with all of what Microsoft is upgrading with each update, it is next to impossible to know just how long each update is going to take.

But here’s the thing. Many Microsoft system updates have to do with the operating system’s security. Microsoft is constantly identifying new threats, and addressing these new threats with the updates.

The easiest way to stay secure online, is to just make sure that all of your computers are properly kept up to date.

2. Limit access for those who don’t need it

If your business has numerous accounts or if there are some websites that you don’t want your employees having access to, it helps to just limit the access. This is especially important when it comes to data access.

3. Backup everything you are afraid to lose

There is some data that won’t break your spirit if lost but there is other types of data that when lost could bring your business to a halt. Sometimes, no matter how many cybersecurity software systems you have in place, data goes missing or is corrupted, with no way to restore it. To avoid this happening to an extent that it interrupts your business, it is always a good practice to have a secure backup in place, and not just a backup on the Cloud alone.

4. Don’t play with your passwords

When you are running a company with loads of employees and accounts, and everyone needs to have their own unique password, it can become overwhelming when it comes creating passwords. One of the worst practices some businesses follow is creating generic passwords that everyone has access to or creating passwords that can be easily guessed. You need to make sure that you improve your password strength and one of the best ways to do this is to create strong passwords and to change the passwords every few months.

5. Only use secure Wi-Fi

A secure internet network is of utmost importance. The access should only be available to those working in your business, and if you want to give clients access when they are visiting your business you should create a separate guest network. You should also be sure to get your internet service from a trusted provider. This can help to guarantee that the network remains protected from outside sources.

At 24/7 IT Services, we are a team of IT and cybersecurity experts and we specialise in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes. To find out more about how we can assist you, you can contact us directly or browse our website.

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