How to Master OneNote

How to Master OneNote

It is one of the office applications that comes with the account but it is quite often overlooked. But once you get to grips with Microsoft OneNote you might just find that it is the one thing that has been missing from your line up of productivity tools.

As a member of the Microsoft Office family, OneNote is convenient because it is right there and always ready to use. It allows you to jot down your ideas, whether they are ideas at work or ideas at home, and it allows you to do so in the style that best suits you. With OneNote, you are able to type, draw or physically write things down while you can also taking clippings from the web and then save them with your other notes.

Beyond just being able to write down ideas and save things from the web, OneNote gives you the option to collaborate, as the app syncs via the web with anyone who shares access.

OneNote is basically the last digital note book that you will ever need to have. It is versatile, it comes with many options for customising and you can even use it to full effect if you are disconnected from the web. It also works on any kind of platform.

While those who have been using OneNote for a couple of years have got a good grasp of the basics, those who are new to the app and who want to make sure that they make the most of it can find that the process of getting comfortable with the app can be greatly improved with a couple of tips.

How to use OneNote

OneNote is the perfect application for organising and productivity. The app could be used on the go when it is on your phone, or it can be used when sitting at your desk. If you have a Microsoft 365 account, the app should already be on your desktop or in your start menu, ready to use. If you are working with your phone, you will need to either connect your account to access it, or you will need to download it from the relevant store.

The app allows you to do various things, and so when you are getting started out, you first need to have some understanding about what you need the app for.

To Create a Quick Note

This is possibly one of the things the app is most used for, and it is always convenient to whip your phone out of your pocket and quickly write down thoughts on a quick note before you lose track of your thoughts. With OneNote on your phone, you can do just that by opening the app and selecting the new quick note option.

To Create a Notebook

If you want to put all of your notes together in one place, you can create a notebook. With this option, you will need to go over to the Show Notebooks Button and then click on the +Notebook button. After you have given the Notebook a name, you can start creating.

Access your Notebook

Not only can you create quick and easy Notebooks for your own use, but you can also share your Notebooks with others. To access the Notebooks that you have been given access to, you can click on the Show Notebooks Button again, and then go to the More Notebooks option. Here you will be able to see and select the Notebook you want to open.

OneNote is also pretty fantastic when it comes to creating lists. This app also allows you to import Excel sheets, which can make creating lists rather easy.

If you need an IT team to assist you with your Microsoft 365 account setup or to give you an introduction to some of its uses, you can contact 24/7 IT Services. We offer a variety of services which include Business Continuity and Cloud Computing.

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