Keep a look out for the new OneDrive Design

A reliable and easily accessible Cloud storage service, OneDrive is the go-to option for both personal and professional needs. Offering 5Gb of free storage space, and even more space for those who pay for a Microsoft 365 account, OneDrive is fairly well known and since it can be set up to sync as documents are saved, it is incredibly convenient.

Since OneDrive became available in August 2007, it has enjoyed many updates, and by the end of February 2024, OneDrive users can look forward to the latest developments, which is an updated design.

Last year, Microsoft showed off its Fluent design, which is going to be used to update the look and feel of OneDrive. At the time, Microsoft’s product manager, Miceile Barrett, had this to say, “It’s both a visual and functional upgrade designed to help you get to your files quickly and keep your content organized in multiple ways. The improved visual design reduces clutter and distractions, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your content.”

The design is going to match the aesthetic of OneDrive to the sleek and modernised look that we have grown accustomed to with Windows 11.

The goal of the update is to simplify the interface, allowing for easier navigation, and the update will also introduce some other new and welcomed features such as a new view option which will make finding documents and files, and even sharing them, a lot simpler.

Microsoft will also be adding file filters to update and improve the overall user experience. This will allow you to filter OneDrive using specific interfaces such as PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word Files. Users can also look forward to an “add new” button which will give the user the option to upload files and even create new documents within the OneDrive app, removing the need to have duplicated documents.

While these are just the basics that we know, Microsoft has a couple of extra changes planned for its business users, and it will be providing offline support, faster load times and Copilot integration, something many business users will find greatly beneficial.

The Best Cloud Services for Businesses

In 2024, businesses have a whole host of unbelievable Cloud storage options available to use, and most of these options are budget-friendly, come with helpful features, and can be used across the business.

While OneDrive for business is perfectly suitable, some companies will need a little bit more from their Cloud storage. If this is the position that you find yourself in, here are the options you should look at:

  1. Microsoft Azure – Microsoft is the second largest Cloud service provider in the world and the company offers users a hybrid Cloud service, ample storage space, AI features, and exceptional security.
  2. Google Cloud – As the third largest Cloud provider, Google Cloud is extremely popular, reliable and secure. Google Cloud is very much similar to Azure.
  3. Oracle Cloud – Oracle is a name synonymous with reliable computing and its Cloud service includes Oracle Cloud Software-as-a-Service and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), with the latter providing exception storage capabilities.
  4. OVHcloud – This is a Europe-focused Cloud provider and they offer hosted private Cloud, public Cloud, and web Cloud services.

At 24/7 IT Services, we provide our clients with a wide range of IT solutions including Cloud computing. If you are looking to update your Cloud or move to something new, you can contact us today.

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