The Best Antivirus Software for 2022

The Best Antivirus Software for 2022

In the fight against cyber-crimes, having one of the best antivirus software systems in place on your computer network is of utmost importance to ensure that your company’s data is protected, while also ensuring that the day to day work is not brought to an unexpected halt.

Each year, antivirus software is improved and updated to work against the new threats that are constantly attacking via the web.

Antivirus programmes in 2022 are going to be more reliable and faster, while able to instantly detect threats and offer real-time protection. Given the fact that Security Magazine recently reported that there is on average 1 cyber-attack every 39 seconds, you can understand the importance and the urgency around having a proper system in place.

For this reason alone, your business should rethink or at the very least update its antivirus software in the New Year.

And these are our top 5 antivirus choices for 2022:

1.    McAfee

Easily one of the most identifiable antivirus software systems, and one of the more affordable, McAfee has been on the market for years and is known for its reliability. With its free option available to anyone who wants to give the system a try, and with the more advanced paid for systems offering far more protection, there are many reasons why McAfee is on the 2022 list of the best antivirus programmes. Some stand out features include real time scanning, spam and email protection, and a fire wall.

2.    Bullguard

An award winning antivirus software system that is used by many a London company, Bullguard offers advanced protection against malware and other types of cyber-crime risks. Not only does Bullguard protect from future viruses, but it is also more than capable of cleaning up existing viruses. A few of the features that standout to us include its vulnerability scanner, its disk scans and its real-time protection.

3.    Panda Security

Not an antivirus system that you are likely to have heard all that much about, Panda Security is nonetheless a great option and it is incredibly affordable. This software provides excellent protection against both spyware and ransom ware, and it is given a great rating by industry experts. A few of the features that make it an excellent option for businesses looking to change or upgrade their software in 2022 include its real-time protection, its advanced protection against unknown threats, its USB protection, and this system protects the user when they are browsing the web.

4.    Acronis True Image

These days it is not just laptops and PC’s that are at risk of malware infection. With the increasing use of devices used to access the web, such as mobile phones, there has been an increase in viruses targeting these mostly unprotected systems. Acronis True Image is a programme that is perfect for mobile device protection and from its easy user interface to its many features, it is a good choice. Some features include its on-demand scanning and its effective protection against a variety of malware.

5.    Avast Antivirus

This antivirus company claims to be your first step to online freedom, and given the fact that it is one of the most used programmes on the planet, it is safe to say that many share this belief. Avast is one of the best antivirus programmes for companies both big and small, and the system comes with various features making it a suitable, long term option. Such features include browser clean-up, smart scan, a reliable firewall, and an automatic updater, which is ideal for those who tend to forget to manually update their antivirus software.

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